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United States Business Office address

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  You can start with Yahoo to find American companies registering for business addresses in the USA and providing mail-forwarding services. You should pay attention to the fact that not all of these service companies are providing their clients with American business addresses . Majority of them just offer you a PO Box. That kind of address does not suit those who are running an American business. You need the official business address  - city, street, and office number. Only having acquired  such address you can open an account in any US bank.  In the company providing that kind of services your correspondence will be packed in one large envelope and mailed to your home or another chosen address weekly, every two weeks or monthly according to your wish. Prices for such service differ. For example, does not accept monthly payment but it charges $39.95 for every postage under 1Lb and a registration service fee. So, if you receive only a bank statement you pay $39,95 x 12 = $479,40.  There are some less expensive companies. But not all of them are working with foreigners, practically they ask to send completed and signed form № 1583 USPS. Also you must provide your personal ID forms: one of them must have your picture and signature, another one must have only your signature. In future you may come across delays and additional service fee.

    If you don’t have time or desire to make experiments we’ll show you in our Guide how you can obtain guaranteed American business address for $25 by filling out an online form. If you become our client we’ll demonstrate how to register your business phone number free in New York or any other American city. This also includes the service of forwarding your voice and fax messages to your e-mail.


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