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If you have a website you can be earning additional income by joining our easy to use affiliates program! You do not have to be selling a product – this program is available for all types of sites – informational, product or selling sites.


Make $5 for each sold copy of our Guide
We are launching the sale of our new product.  This time, if a guest to your web site clicks the link to us and buys the our Guide, your share equals $5. 

You need not sell anything right away!
We have developed an efficient and direct forward affiliate program whereby the customer who had previously visited our web site (thanks to you) brings you $5 of the sale, even after a period of three months passes by! Each customer has exactly 3 months at his/her disposal in order to buy our product, thus increasing your chances to earn your $5 commission.

Instant starting!
Registration has never been easier, and starting is automatic. This means that you may start earning immediately after the registration. Select one of the proposed banners or graphic solutions, and enable them to link you a unique URL.

Real Time statistics
As soon as you set up a link on your web site you will be able to follow your commissions with the affiliate program - in real time. Statistics is generated in real time and is available to you infinitely. Which means that you would always be able to keep a record of the number of visitors who have passed by your link, as well as the outcome of their actions.

Popular product!
Judging by all the research, information's is the most commonly purchased product on Internet. Our Guide is an immensely useful high-quality product intended to be used on Internet. There is a vast potential market for that kind of information, and a great opportunity for you to make money as well.

Quick payment!
Once you make minimum $25 (which does not really pose a problem), we shall send you a check. The checks are sent once a month, usually after the 20 of each month.

You may link our Guide on our web site
You may link any web page. You have the freedom to choose the method of directing the customer to us. Eventually, you invariably receive $5 of the sale.

We shall help you
By providing good-quality information, maintaining a correct relationship to our customers, and by making simply invincible offers and most convenient prices. We charge for our product. We take care of the support. We process all orders securely. We handle all customers` concerns.

The more you get, the more we get!
Your money-making is in our interest as well. Which means that it is crucial, for our common benefit, to ensure the most convenient conditions for cooperation, a fair partnership, and regular payments.

How does it all work?
Every time somebody passes through your link and visits our web site, he/she is automatically granted your ID using the cookie technology. The cookie stays on his/her computer for exactly 3 months after the initial visit. This leaves sufficient time for every potential customer who had heard of our programs (and thanks to you) to pay for our  products. Such a system secures you a maximum achievement, since we do not take the customer away from you if he/she does not pay for our products immediately after passing through your link. When the customer decides to buy the Guide we take over the database from his/her computer and give you $5 of the sales. You may check the current situation and your commissions any time you want to thanks to the online statistics. It is all very simple and honest.

Here is what you must do:

1) Register to become an affiliate. It’s Free!

Our partnership with Shareasale.com  allows you to sign up right now and start earning commissions today: Click Here to begin! If you’re already a Shareasale.com  member, go ahead and Log In here!

2) Add link to your page.

You are getting your unique URL. Every time somebody visits our web page he/she is automatically given your ID, and if he/she buys any of our programs within the following 3 months, you are granted $5 of the sale. The entire process is utterly reliable and automatic, and what is really the best is that you can see the situation of your commission any time you want to.

How to get started?

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